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About Me


This page is my humble effort to pay tributes to Java (Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems), and to all those, who helped me learn it. Two years back I started learning Java. I approached it as a "hot fix", which in many senses it is. But as time passed and I studied it more thoroughly, I began to realize that Java is a full fledged programming platform that has provided programmers with many robust and flexible "hot fixes". Unlike other programming languages, the goal of Java is to reduce the complexity for programmers. It has wrapped up so many complex tasks in language features and libraries that can at times make those tasks trivial - almost like an "hot fix". So despite the much hyped performance problem, the promise of Java is tremendous. It is this promise which motivated me to make this effort. Hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did.

This page is primarily intended for the professionals who want to prepare for the Sun Certified Programmer for Java2 platform exam (referred to as SCPJ2), but it is readily accessible to any programmer who wants to master the fundamentals of the language.

Talking about Java without referring to Applets is missing half the fun. For years Java applets have brought web pages to life. You will find a few of them - here as well.

Java Certification:

A mock test for SCPJ2 aspirants. This mock exam contains 29 questions based on the curriculum specified for SCPJ2 for version 1.4. (And hence does not contains questions on java.awt and java.io package). Go ahead even if you are already certified. This mock test is guaranteed to thrill you!

Applet Gallery:

This gallery contains a few applets that are entertaining and useful. Browse this gallery to view a few interesting applets.

Java Resources:

Net is repository of wonderful java resources. Here is a collection of links to free Java books, mock exams, and other resources that you will love.



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