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About Me


Welcome to Aniyog.com: The home of RestoreBack

RestoreBack version 1.0 is a premium backup utility written entirely in Java - a programming language that is known for its platform independence, stability and security (Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems).

RestoreBack (view screenshot) version 1.0 is offered as shareware absolutely free.  This software found its first honorable mention in Langalist - the famous newsletter of Fred Langa. Click here to learn more about RestoreBack.

Java Mock Exam (SCPJ)

Color Palette

This test applet simulates the Sun certified programmer for Java 2 exam. It has been updated to reflect the changes made to the curriculum of examination for JDK version 1.4.

Let this beautiful applet choose Colors for your Java applications and web pages. Mix the traditional red, blue and green, or simply click away to find random colors chosen for you

Fun 'N' Learn


This is the applet that kids will love and so will their parents. A fun way to teach alphabets and numbers to nursery kids. Find on this page the downloads available on this site.

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